My passion for photography started at age 9 when my grandfather gave me a choice between a sleeping bag or a Kodak Instamatic camera. There was no doubt in my mind… the Instamatic of course! I am sustaining that passion nearly four decades later.
One of my key areas of emphasis is to preserve commercial signage and architecture that dates back to the “travel by car” era. I was drawn to the radiant glow and buzzing of neon signage at an early age from the many outings with my family that spanned the West Colfax Avenue corridor where the glorious neon signs made a lasting impression in my mind's eye.
I travel thousands of miles each year documenting the American roadside that is rapidly disappearing due to a variety of factors, most notably the phenomenon of multi-generational family owned businesses being replaced by large-scale commercial redevelopment. I am active in several groups on Facebook and Instagram that are focused on the theme of preserving this slice of Americana.
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